2019 resolutions

I decided to write my new years resolutions out, and then thought, why not share them?

  1. I want to know Abba more.

    I think I go through every year feeling a little bit distant from Him, to be honest with you. I just never feel close enough. I know that’s a consequence of the separation we face physically from Him, but still, I ache to be closer.

    I flipped through my old journals a couple days ago, and was left with tears streaming down my face to see His promises come forth in my life. I saw the moments of aching loneliness of a teenage girl. I saw the moments of wondering when there would be an answer. I saw the moments of insecurity plague a heart that desired to bloom with confidence. And then I saw now- the answers that came moments after the cries, and my life now living them out. I saw the confidence that kept being renewed day after day by just little moments spent with Abba. I saw the loneliness now seen as an avenue to Christ rather than to an avenue of fear. May 2019 be another year of growing closer to Abba.

  2. I want to be a better wife.

    I want to know my husband better & well. I want to speak kind words more often, and be much more patient. I want to meet him where he is at every single time, and know how to love him through the hills + valleys. I want to be more silly, and not take things as seriously. I want to make him laugh- a lot. I want to pray more than I ever have for him.

  3. I want to call friends more often.

    I have good friends- really good ones. I want to treasure the phone calls, and the fleeting moments. I want to listen to them more. I want to meet them where they’re at. Offer advice only when asked, but pour out my love for them time and time again.

  4. I want to be able to run five miles consistently.

    I was always a short distance runner & I suck at endurance thangs. What even is a resolution if it doesn’t infer getting more physically fit?

  5. I want to travel to Europe.

    Already booked the tickets to Italy.

  6. I want to come out with a written product.

    I want to pour my heart and soul into writing again. I want to share it. I want to fall in love with the pen all over again.

  7. Prepare to be a good mamma

    I want to pray for my future kiddos often. I want to see tasks and challenges as avenues to be a good mom one day.

  8. I want to give lots of gifts.

    Han-made gifts (haha, get it), bought gifts, all the things that people are wanting or not wanting- I want them to be shown I’m thinking of them.

  9. I want to embrace fears + conquer them.

    Say yes more often. Give more than I could dream. Face doubts and worries, and surrender them immediately.

  10. Let the small lil platforms I have make people feel known and loved by Papa God.

    Fluently, and authentically. I want my words to be breathed by Him, and to be life-giving words. I want people to rest when they see words of life. I want people to remember once again the love they have from their Savior. I want growth to only happen if His will for it is being met.

I’d love to read yours. Feel free to connect with me, and share some of them. I’m praying for a wonderful 2019 for you- you have blessed me far greatly with your support in 2018. It was a good year- excited for what is to come!