through the eyes of eden

we want to find safe homes in hearts, feel known as we speak, and seen as valued by our existence. 

it’s crazy to me to think that at one time we all viewed everything through the eyes of the innocent. i watched some memories of little han, and realized how much more her eyes lit up when she saw fresh things. how much she grabbed at her moms hand in loving adoration, and how she hugged people before she even knew them. she was unaware that people might not like her. she believed nothing less than that she was valued. when she was called beautiful, her eyes shun instead of looking down to the ground.

at what point in our lives did we lose that spark?

my prayer for myself and this world around me is that the rekindled spark comes back. that we look at people and this world with the freshness as a child. that we dismiss slight offenses and choose to love anyhow. that we sanctify innocence instead of mock it. 

as we open the same eyes to the world as eve bit the apple, I pray we never stop fighting for that little girl or little boy that saw everything through the eyes of eden. heaven will come- the hour is near, but while we wait, I pray to see through the lens of childlike faith. 

Hannah KingComment