an always changing, slightly boring, daily routine

Daily routines seem to be a popular topic to discuss. For whatever reason, it is fascinating for us to hear what other people choose to spend their time on. Some live the boujee lives that scream “easy” we wish we could have, others live the highly-industrious that leave you wondering when they sleep. Anyways, it’s been a while since I feel like I finally got to a spot where some days have a “routine”. Still struggling to believe that we need to live life in a routine, but that’s another topic for another day.

So here we are- attempting to do a daily routine that always seems to be changing and is slightly boring. I wish I could give you all a power smoothie in the morning with the dedicated pilates class I attend that ends with diffusing my essential oils in a spotless home with my doting husband. I’ll attempt to give ya my best. ;)


/ Waking Up.

-Try my best to start in the Word. The days I don’t, always seem to be bad days. So I grab my Bible, pen and journal, and read. I’m currently in Deuteronomy which I’m cheering about because Numbers and Leviticus required some extra effort if ya get what I’m saying.

-Squeeze some fresh orange juice. We have an orange tree that is the greatest thing eva. Some mornings Cody makes me a bagel before he heads out to work and as I’m waking. He likes his bagels without cream cheese & toasted + I like mine with cream cheese & not toasted.

-Cuddles with Cody on the days he’s home & Lady. She’s 50 + pounds now, and it’s really a great workout, but I still pick her up and sit her in my lap. The best.


-Go to my computer, and read some emails. Whether it’s reading an email from a brand or an email from a new friend on the internet, I really like email time. Kinda brings me back to my third grade self that got an email and talked with her friends after school. (Shoutout “hsoccerprincess”). This is when I also check out all the socials & what’s going on in the world. I also then start on my project I’ve been doing, and do work thangs.



-Take a break and clean. I like cleaning and I like the smell of candles after I clean more.

-Going outside. This can be anything from heading to the backyard to pick weeds with Lady, work on a project with Cody or going out to his family farm to go pet some cows. I love, love being outside, and am hoping some more of my childhood freckles come back this summer.

- Errands. I usually go run some errands in the afternoon, conveniently around lunch time. Usually Trader Joes, Marshalls, Target, etc. Make sure the house has all of its needs & we do too.

-Shoot. Cody and I then go shoot for either a brand or product, or for personal shots for content. Some shoots are thirty minutes, some can be a couple hours. If we’re shooting indoors, usually around morning/afternoon-ish but if outdoors, usually around 4 or 5 PM.


-Work. Even though I’m working at different times throughout the day with breaks, after a shoot is usually my crunch time to get things done. I then edit, talk with the brand I’m working with, and then send content their way. This is also my time to respond to emails from this day. I also check up on accounts I manage on social media, and do whatever is necessary there!

-Dinner. Cody being home more means we get to make dinner together so we really get to learn to cook together too. Honestly this has been one of my favorite times. We’re truly a bunch of weirdos so this time usually consists of us goofing around.

-Bible Study. We go to a Bible study two nights a week so either we’re doing that or…

-Netflix…and definitely chill. It’s currently Blacklist. Little House on the Prairie will probably be next. Bachelor at one point. Our tv taste’s are all over the place.

-Bed time. We try to sleep before midnight, because a second-wave of energy kicks in for me around then. Cody can sleep whenever & falls asleep immediately. Usually talk about dreams, future kids, and how blessed we are. We pray for them, and all the things we’re grateful for. And for the heck of it, I diffuse some grapefruit essential oil as well.

That pretty much sums it up on the days that seem to be routine. Most of our days aren’t and they could consist from a beach trip to chasing cows, but the routine ones seem to be some of my favorites.

To clarify a little more, Cody is currently on his off-season from fire fighting which gives us a lot more time together. We kinda jumped right into the fire world when we got married, and he would be gone for up to a month at times. It gave me a crazy respect for military wives, and was really hard. Having this time together has been AMAZING and I’m motivated for the day where we can both have flexible schedules. Thankful for eternity, because this world doesn’t give me enough time with him. This season of life gave us a lot of foundational things we needed for our marriage, and most importantly, time. It’s heading to a close, but these have been the happiest days of my life.

That being said, I know this little “routine” will be changing, and I’ll be sure to keep ya updated. Maybe next time I can describe that power shake I wake up to and the pilates I attend, but for now, I hope you enjoyed all the little mundane and simple things that make up this routine!