5 things that scream spring

I love spring. Favorite, happy season- no doubt. So because I’m anticipating this season, and it really is right around the corner, I wanted to give you some ideas that can make your home feel more ready for spring.

  1. Fresh Greenery

    I love flowers, and I love greenery. I recently cut some beautiful pink flowers from my backyard, put them in some vases, and put one in every room. It is so beautiful to walk in and see them! I also went to Trader Joes, and picked up some fresh eucalyptus. For whatever reason, fresh greenery screams spring to me, and I love hanging it from my walls. Eucalyptus dries perfectly and still maintains a green look when hung on walls…plus a great wall decor :)


2. A Clean Home

This one might seem a little lame to you, but spring cleaning is reaall. I’ve noticed this new love for cleaning my home, and how inviting it seems after a deep clean. I love diffusing some essential oils or lighting an Anthro candle afterwards to make everything smell like fresh goodness.


3. Fruity smells

I’m not going to pretend I don’t diffuse fruity smells all year round, because to be honest, they’re the only ones I really like (shh). BUT fruity smells smell even better during spring season! I picked up a grapefruit essential oil the other day, and love to diffuse grapefruit, orange, lemon, bergamot, and eucalyptus…all the fruity goodness. I also love Anthropologie’s Volcano or Grapefruit candle (my favorite ever). Making a room spray out of essential oils is also a great way to leave a room smelling fresh quickly!


4. Wearing Light Colors

We all know that what we wear does affect our moods a little, so get rid of the black & partner up with the lights! Beige, tan, and white are all great colors that scream spring if you’re into neutrals. And then for color- ah, where do we even begin? Start cleaning out through all your winter clothes, and picking the happy mediums that have the color palette that speaks “warmer weather please”.


5. Decorate a Wall

Re-decorating my home is one of my favorite activities. To give you a background idea, my home is currently 700 square feet, which isn’t that big of a home. Personally, I love how perfect it is for Cody & I, and I really love my home. However, storage is a big downside as we have to improvise a lot and live minimally. That being said, we had to store some of our cleaners + laundry things so we improvised with this little wall. We set up a simple shelf, went to Target to get some cute spray bottles and jars, grabbed some cutie tape to label each thing, and wallah! I love that it makes our home feel homey + is super resourceful and clears some space for the not so pretty things. Also peep the eucalyptus hanging ;)


Our Lady girl is so ready for spring too. We’re outdoors a lot more together, chasing cows (real deal), going on walks, and running around. I love this season. It’s happy and light and screams of hope + promise. Let me know some of the things you’re doing to prep for spring. As always, my inbox is open.

Happy Spring!