A 5 Second Thought on Marriage

My brain was tired, yet focused. I had a couple more hours to finish all of my tasks, and somewhere amongst the busy thoughts my mind brought, I heard a second of reality. The sound of clanging dishes as a voice rang out. I smiled, because I found the sound of my husband doing the dishes as I worked. It wasn’t a rare occasion to often find him helping me out in so many ways. I paused to listen to what he was listening to. A marriage podcast, yet again.

“Cody, why do you listen to those?”

“I want to be the best husband I can, Han.”

So many unspoken moments of us feebly reaching out to be more for the other. It’s how it was intended to be. So many moments of distance; prideful selfish hurts that burn with the desire to love but tainted with the stripe of sin.

We never want to be “relationship goals”, in fact most of our moments are not. Some are filled with confusion of what steps to go to next, the childhood training of how we usually dealt with conflict molding into how we both need to handle it, the paradigm of outside pressure from people that should never have their input in the first place.

Yet, we try. We aim so high, that when we fall, we know we’ll get there next time. We are striving to offer a marriage to Love Himself that He may abide in it. We know that our efforts never equate our value for the standard of grace conquers our aims every time.

Those are some thoughts on marriage. Fallen, trial bound, and all. I’ve fallen in love with Love Himself, and in that He’s given me a love that points me back to Him every. single. time.