A More Holistic Approach on Life


It started shortly before getting married. This idea and inspiration, really, that life can be all the more joyful with minimal. That it can bring more energy when filled with simple, but quality-filled experiences. To make decisions on even the little things: if it will grow me and make me wholly + more balanced then it’s a good decision to make. I realized I was letting go of the college lifestyle and now entering into adulthood. Prematurely, some might say, but in knowing myself, I knew I was ready for the step of being a wife + home-maker.

Home-making didn’t always look like staying at home, though. No, I found a companion in the heart of a human, and deeply put, I found home in the heart of God. His heart, I learned, was wildly filled with adventure, change, movement, and growth. Sometimes that looked like seasons at home; sometimes that looked like seasons of outdoor adventure.

It seems that everyday, with the more knowledge I learn, I see consumerism and our desire to have “more” less tempting. I began to realize that there was a freedom in knowing that everything I owned could be wiped away, and I would be perfectly satisfied. That began a dance of balancing desiring fun things + also stewarding the blessings that have been given to me.

Here are some thoughts that have changed:

-Buying things. I really hate a messy environment. The aesthetics I’m in really affect my mood. That said, I’ve found that when I buy quality, useful things that are beautiful + helpful, I really dig it. When I buy a lot of little trinkets or useless things, I feel kinda bummed inside. Truly, I’ve been marching in the anthem of, “I can’t take this stuff with me, so why do I need it?”. It’s not a strict lifestyle that I can’t buy any little trinket I think might be fun, but it’s a desire shift. To buy the things I need, to buy things that will grow me, and to create instead of buy.

- Creating. There is something to be said of something you create that you are truly proud of. This culture today is super saturated by things like essential oils, the enneagram, and no-waste living, and I love it. I can’t say I’m an extremist in that department, but I dabble. And I think the mindset is right- we create with natural things; what we’ve been given. I was fascinated by America in the 17-1800’s, still am. Little House in the Prairie gets me every single time. Thank the Lord we have running water, toilets, electricity, and all that jazz, but I love the simple mindset of “making-do”. It’s healthy, and I think in a culture that has every resource we could possibly need, we are wanting to return back to simple.

-Food. From a recovering junk-food addict, this is a hard one. More fresh things. More produce. More Trader Joe’s shopping and farmer’s markets. Training for this, and still a huuuggee work in progress.

-Clothes. Don’t need as much as I use to. This is slowly getting better, but honestly, clothes are my weakness.

-Beauty Products. I’ve seen a huge change in this! All of my daily make-up that I use for my face is all natural ingredients! This has been a super important switch because 1) sensitive skin, ya feel? 2) it is so much easier to find natural based make-up products nowadays! So important!!

-Spending time with the dirt. Being outside more helps my soul in so many ways. Projects. Taking care of the ducklings. Gardening. Propagating plants and feeling like I’m helping grow something. These are all things that all add to living.

These are a few ways I’ve been changing into a more natural-based way of living! I’m really anxious to see what all will happen a year from now, but I’m proud of the life changes, and I’ve noticed how good natural living is for the soul. Let me know your thoughts!