europe's mark on california | carmel

We traveled to Italy not too long ago! It was beautiful in every sort of the word, and a place I desperately wished was a block away instead of thousands of miles. That said, Carmel, California is easily the most beautiful spot that reminds you a little bit of the European coast I’ve seen in CA yet. With beautiful shops, and each home intricately detailed, it was amazing to see. We’re only three hours away, so we will for sure be re-visiting loads this summer. :)

You can find my outfit here:

You can find my outfit here:


The shops in Carmel are really to die for! We found some turkish styled stores that had beautiful rugs and pillow cases and more! Too bad I’d have to sell my kidney for a rug..


We ended the day after good eating, pretzels from a delicious bakery, and time at the beach with the infamous 17 mile drive. It felt kinda weird to pay $10.50 to see more beach + rich homes, but it was fun anyways!


Just wanted to share a couple pictures, and a big love for Carmel, California! We’ll be back soon. :)