Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel

Huge thanks to Samsung for sponsoring today’s blog post!

For those of you who don’t know, our first home is a beautiful, non-spacious 780 sq. feet. And in case you were wondering, I’m now in love with every part of it!

In becoming a newly-married wife without owning anything previously, I remember walking in the home and thinking, “We have to fill all these spaces with stuff?!” Being nine months married now, I often think, “What would it be like to have closet space?”

The kitchen itself was the worst part of the house, hands down. With a little kitchen area, no dishwasher and barely any storage, it was combined with the laundry room and dining room- all in one. Imagine how our routine quickly changed when we realized doing laundry during meal time was not a good idea.

We realized we didn’t want the ugliest spot of our home to feel so ugly, and we wanted to try to jazz it up as much as we could. When we received our beautiful new french-door, glossy white Samsung refrigerator, we knew the surrounding area had to step up it’s game!

So began our idea to make a little coffee bar with beautiful shelves and decor. We wanted to make this an easy transformation, (and inexpensive) in perfect newly-wed fashion.

I realized I didn’t take the best before pictures, so here’s a screenshot from a video. As you can see, there was an awkward in between gap that needed some help! We decided to place a coffee bar with shelving there. Our first step was to apply stick and peel wallpaper to make the area pop a little more!

Our beautiful Samsung fridge that held the only beauty!

Our beautiful Samsung fridge that held the only beauty!

Next came the wallpaper!


By the time we put up our first section of wallpaper, we were in love. The application may have taken some time and correction, but eventually we got into our flow!


As you can see from the picture above, we decided to place a cabinet in between the fridge and laundry machine to give a height difference. I quickly realized I wanted the unfinished look, but much lighter. I’ve noticed having a light base can really make you add pops of color that look dynamic! I grabbed a stain called “Simply White” which really went well.


After the stain, I ended up make-shifting a counter-top. I grabbed a regular piece of wood, and Cody cut it to the size we needed. We then wrapped it with (you’ll never guess) wallpaper! We grabbed grey stick and peel wallpaper. Our theory in using it was this: incredibly less inexpensive than a regular countertop, the creative look we wanted, and since we won’t be using it for anything besides decor- it was perfect!


Lastly, I decided to paint the doors of the washer to make them pop a little more. I settled on a beige, but truthfully wasn’t satisfied with the color choice. I will be picking a new color and going over it to add a more dynamic aspect to it!


So here we have it, friends! This kitchen make-over would not be happening with the inspiration of my new Samsung fridge- and I’m serious. I think it looks a little bit more at home, and I’m amazed at how much a nice refrigerator can make an area look awesome!

If you’re interested in spicing up your home with a beautiful refrigerator as well, I’ve provided a link from my favorite source:

I’ll be updating you on the shelves + decorating process, which is honestly the best process. :) Excited to show you what I do! Comment your questions, and make sure you subscribe to my email list to get all the updates to see what ends up happening with our favorite new corner of our home!