What I do For Work As A Content Creator + A Free Download


One of the questions I usually get asked, outside of the digital world and in, is what I do for a job. In the beginning, I hated receiving that question. I had no confidence to back up the skills I had, and felt completely inadequate to be running my own business. Also, I do so many different things- all on my little devices (my computer, phone, and camera) that I had no idea what to even say was my job!

Being a full-time student and a self-employed lady building her brand can be incredibly draining + tiring in it’s own unique way, surprisingly. The pressure to always create leaves a lot of “I’m not doing enough” thoughts. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a permanent state of having a brain fart. Other times I feel like my fingers can’t keep up with what I’m brainstorming! Even so- it is the most rewarding, FUN, and dreamy way to be spending my time!

(The school part not so much).

That said, I wanted to take you through what I do, how I do it, and when I do it! I’m hoping this little post gives you any inspiration to chase down the endeavors and brand you want to build too.

My brand: my lifestyle. This is a tricky one. It can sometimes come off as arrogant and uninteresting. Yet somehow, people are interested in how other’s live. They want to see their knowledge, trips, lifestyle, and love. Those are the things I share. I share the things I do know, and pose questions for the things I don’t. I share a love I’ve found in God and my husband. I share the places I go, and the things I’m doing around the home. I share my scribbled thoughts that I’m musing about, and pictures through my lens. I post these things on social media: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, here, and sometimes Facebook. It’s the lens through which I see the world.

What a week task’s looks like:

  • Checking emails constantly. Phone calls. Jotting things down in my planner (I’m definitely a paper person).

  • Brainstorming. What pictures will I be posting? Instagram is my main audience so I try to utilize my attention there at most while expanding to other mediums as well.

  • Taking content. This can be for fun “filler” content or for a brand.

  • Filming or writing. Editing those things after.

  • For brand work:

    Shooting what needs to be shot. Editing. Submitting. Re-shooting their edits. Re-submitting. Settling on a post date. Posting.

  • For social media managing:

    Checking messages that need to be checked. Posting content. Checking all social medias. Scheduling next content. Collaborating with social media owner

  • For graphic design projects:

    Creating. Talking with client. Submitting. Re-creating.

  • Invoicing, and doing all the paperwork things. Quickbooks makes it real easy and fun!

  • Personal project. This can be a freebie (like the one I’m including in the bottom of this post) or a digital product to sell!

This was a little overview of what I do, but with these tasks come a lot more behind the scene work that isn’t always seen.

When I do it:

I have a husband with a crazy fire-fighting work schedule. That said, on the days he has off, we love to have fun. On the days he’s gone, I try to work hard and a lot. A lot of times, he is the one helping with the “shooting” process, so we very much work together in that. He also helps me with ideas and brainstorming. Even though it is what I do for a living, I feel like it’s very much so our brand and business we are building together. However, there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not doing something for work.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 7.04.30 PM.png

How I do it:

I try to keep as organized as I can! I have an office filled with papers, and a little laptop that controls the system. My planner is my source of all organization thought, and I love having a to-do list. As a gift to you for reading this post, and supporting me, I’m attaching my free content planner! This is what I use to come up with ideas, remember my due dates, and have my handy to- do list (which I live by).

There’s a brief overview of my current self-employed situation! I am incredibly blessed to be doing what I’m doing, and that an aspect of my job is getting to talk to you fun people. Feel free to connect with me on all the socials, and until next time!