When You're Tired Of Feeling Drained

I think “drained” is an emotion we tend to dismiss.

Sometimes I wonder if we even let ourselves become aware of how drained we become. We paddle for dear life towards things that scream “successful” without realizing we’re rocking the boat at our rampant pace. We hit “snooze” once or twice, rush to our daily endeavors, come home with a tired mind, wash off, go to bed, and repeat. We surrender living fully for the sake of playing the game.


In case you need a reminder of the definition:

DRAINED: cause something to run out, leaving it empty, dry, or drier.

This hit me like a load of bricks. How many times do we invest in some job, something, even someone that leaves us empty and dry? We pour and pour to our fullest extent, but forget that the faucet is no longer running. Our efforts are dry, and our own source is low- we attempt feeble giving, but in truth, we have nothing to give.

I’ve felt drained for a while now- creatively drained especially. My efforts seem to always equate to “never enough”. I feel like I’m aimlessly throwing anything and everything I have to offer, which in truth, is not a lot. I forget the art of creating for the sake of it. Because I love to create, because I love growing, and because I love pouring any sort of life given to me to others.

Like everything else, I believe it is our mindset that needs to shift.

We must remain light. And honestly, you might be confused that I chose that word to describe what I’m saying.

LIGHT: the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

We use light as a resource to fix many problems, but a common theme that comes to mind is when we pull out a flashlight to examine the problem. We need light to fully understand that our source is drained- that it has no outpour to give.

When we are able to identify the problem, we are able to remain light. We can take things lightly- things such as offense, dismissal, and rejection. We can be light-hearted and laugh in our routines, hard times, and frustrations. We can run to the True Source of light to remain full.

I believe that taking things lightly is the way to stop feeling drained. Sometimes it takes stepping away temporarily from the things that drain us. That can be jobs, creative projects, and people. We understand that we can actually bring harm when we attempt do such things without fuel. Sometimes it means pressing through the pain while running towards the source of fullness to achieve and grow from our struggles.

Remember, feelings do not and should not dictate what we give and have to offer. True understanding of our capacity and the things that demand attention from us helps us decide whether we should sit this one out or push harder.

Both choices help us grow. Rest and ambition both teach us the lessons we ought to learn in each season.

Because we love our jobs, we let our efforts run boldly. Because we love to create, we let our hearts explore. Because we love people, we let out souls pursue. In our every endeavor, we should attempt because we love.