Remodeling My Remodel | Inexpensive Kitchen

Huge thanks to Samsung for sponsoring today’s post!

Big yikes, because I messed up. Remember when I inexpensively remodeled my kitchen? I ended up not liking it. Awesome.

As I was creating content for today’s blog post, I ended up admitting I didn’t like it and it didn’t feel like the aesthetic I was going for.

Cody: “Do you want to change it, Han?”

Me: “Desperately.”

So off we went to collect more supplies for our new endeavor. I may have rolled my eyes a few too many times out of frustration with myself, but I knew I had to create a space I would be proud to share!

In case you forgot what the whole project originally looked like, here are some pictures from the very beginning:

Before any remodel

Before any remodel


As you can see, we gave it good bones. It doesn’t look terrible- it just didn’t look right. It needed some good color! So we gave it some!

Our supplies:

  • “Brooke Green” interior paint

  • Gold handles

  • Wood for the counter top

All of our supplies cost $40 which was pretty inexpensive including a new countertop. We ended up loving the wooden countertop matched with the light green! It was colorful enough to stand out, but neutral enough to blend in with the earthy look we love. I ended up being so pleased with our remodel, and feeling like I could whole-heartedly stand by it.

Projects are great, because they help you learn things! I learned that if you’re not content with a project, re-fresh. Find a way to make yourself proud when you’re creating!

Our Samsung refrigerator really made the whole look come together. I also have learned the power of a good refrigerator. I truthfully think it made our first design look a lot better because of how fresh the fridge is! Now this little corner is my favorite spot of the house.


And of course I had to include cute Moose in these pictures!

I think it’s crazy I grabbed my kitchen remodel inspiration from a beautiful refrigerator. It looks at home now, and I’m so happy with how it all has turned out! If you’re also interested in spicing up your home with a beautiful refrigerator as well, I’ve provided a link from my favorite source:

Let me know your thoughts! Have you ever had to scratch a project and start again?