What Kills A Dreamer + Rising Above

I tend to dream faster than I feel I achieve. Unfortunately, my growth sometimes seems to rush as fast as my mama’s crock pot.

“I don’t even know what to focus on anymore, “ I grumbled.

I had more passions I wanted to pursue than I did ideas. I love writing words- but I delighted in more things than scripted words. I love painting interiors with any creativity I could muster- but my thoughts ran further than curated things. I love connecting with people more than my heart could express- but I’d get burnt out if I placed all my passion there.

It is the heartbeat of a dreamer to desire growth. To accept stagnancy surely seems like it is to accept defeat.

However, I am realizing this: Growth, much like beauty, is bias based on the viewer. And a viewer that is often dissatisfied with self = one hot mess that doesn’t have a true view of reality. Viewing your growth as non-existent kills the heart of a dreamer.

I believe the only fundamental truth I can offer is not “five steps on how to achieve your dreams”. I believe that the only encouragement I can offer is encouraging you that your efforts are growth within itself. Getting up every day to a sounding alarm, brushing those same teeth, and motivating yourself to press on when you feel drained IS growth.

I’m not going to give you five steps to achieve your dreams, because really, that is way out of my ballpark.

I WILL give you three steps to encourage yourself in your dreams!

  • Set a schedule.

    I called my husband with a whole lot of frustration. “I just can’t seem to grow in the direction I want to.” He affirmed me in the way I needed to, but didn’t stop there. He knows better than to give me a pity party. “Are you sticking to your work schedule?” I paused and realized just as tired toddler throwing a tantrum from lack of sleep, I had been caught. I knew my frustrations were at myself for not doing my best. Lack of setting a schedule really was affecting my optimal productivity!

  • Do what makes you come alive- often.

    Go on a run (if that makes you come alive, please slide into my dm’s and tell me HOW), paint, bang on your piano keys, go shopping if that’s what it takes, take up embroidery, dance. Whatever gets you to the point where your mind can be at rest- get there. As much productivity as your showing your dreams, so should you be putting towards your passions.

  • Seriously state what your grateful for.

    We’ve heard it all the time, but there’s a reason why. Every time my anxious mind thinks of the next thing to be done or achieved, when I choose to remind myself of all the things that make life full, I feel instantly so much more at peace. Life is too short to be in a constant state of want, and never at peace.

Your business, passion project, and job CAN succeed in every effort. Every effort you take, that extra one sale, that one new follower, and one more blog post- leads up to the dream.

Cody always tells me, “Rome can’t be built in a day, Han”, and truthfully maybe some of you need to be told this too. You got this- one foot in front of the other.