Some Fall Ideas You'll Want to Do!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, because it means the holiday’s with all of the festivities are finally beginning! So sweet husband Cody grabbed my pumpkins from last year to help start the fall season decorating process. Christmas is my big deal so I keep it simple for fall, but it is so fun to start decorating! Ironically, creating a fall blog post giving some ideas of what to do this fall was on my “Fall 2019 List” so here we go!

  • Go to a pumpkin patch. I’m serious about this one! There is nothing to get you more in the mood than being surrounded by over priced pumpkins, and little kiddos trying to pick out the best one.

  • Pick a day dedicated to Fall. Sit by a window with a good book, and grab a pumpkin drink. Light that fall scented candle, and cozy up in your favorite sweater. In my personal opinion, this is my favorite because (rest) duh.

  • Fall Editorial. Grab one. Scout one out. Find a digital copy or a print at a local bookstore, but grab a magazine or even a book that has fall and cozy tones to it. Make it a goal to read it in the time frame that would best suit your schedule!

  • Curate a Fall Playlist. Ask friends or if you’re pretty music savvy, create your own fall playlist that will accompany you on car rides or while you’re cleaning the house. Share with those friends or on social media to spread the fall love. You can also listen to the Fall Playlist I curated with the help of recommendations here:

  • Fall Clean/Clothing Swap! Seasons are great times to clean out the closet in transition for warmer weather. They also are a great time to send your old clothes to thrift stores, and purchase newer, warmer ones that will get you excited about all the festivities! You can even arrange a fall clothing swap with some friends, neighborhood, dorm hall, etc. Have friends swap clothes and do trades for items that they’ll actually love!


I had fun sharing some of my ideas! Make sure to follow along on all the social medias to see all the fun fall pictures coming out this season. A new list of ideas coming this Christmas!