Choosing Good Friends


I LOVE my friends. There are so many people in my life that have rocked my socks off, but the older I've gotten, the more I've realized how important it is to have friends that are true friends. *cue "You're a truueee friend" by Hannah Montana*. These two are some of the most influential, loyal, and godly ladies I ever have known.

My sophomore year I decided to transfer from my public high school to a private school that I hadn't heard of located thirty minutes away. I didn't know a single soul, and I honestly have no idea why I decided to take that leap of faith, but the Lord really opened a door and I jumped at the opportunity. My first day, I wore an embarrassing pink cardigan with tribal printed jeans, and was scared out of my mind. I walked straight into the wrong room, to where the kind teacher re-directed me into the chapel where we would start my day. He ended up being one of my favorite teachers, but I KNOW he pitied me so hard core that day. I could visually see the confusion, sympathy, and thoughts of "I hope she makes it" on his face. Bless his soul, he introduced me to the cute blondie in the picture. I immediately took a liking to her as she was bubbly, outgoing, and wanted to include me in anything - my sorta girl. The cute brunette with gorgeous tan skin was much more shy, and I don't think I ever would have thought we would have a sisterhood like we do today. Once I got to know her, we discovered we had so many similarities that complimented each other.

The rest of my day was spent surviving, and trying to leave a good impression on each new soul I met. This good impression also consisted of telling the table of girls I was sitting with at lunch (thank goodness I didn't have lunch in the bathroom) that the fellow that had the camelbak as a water bottle and trousers to his stomach was my boyfriend as a joke. They thought I was serious.

Annie (cute blonde) and I have shared some fun victories in sports. We have this real similarity to compete, and overindulge ourselves in whatever we do (passionate by nature). I've always admired Annie's ability to be who she is, and to stand up for what she thinks is right. She really doesn't give a quack if you love her or hate her, she's confident in who she is in the Lord, who she loves, and she's going to fight for that. I love her warrior spirit, and ability to bring life into whatever she's in.

Jordan (cute brunette) and I could talk about C.S. Lewis, koalas, and life all day every day. We have this connected heart that just seems to always be understanding of each other. Jordan is one of the most loyal people I have ever known, and has the purest spirit. She never wavers in what she believes, and her creativity blows me away. After telling her something hard I was going through, I just paused and told her how she knows how to be such a great friend in these moments. Her answer was, "I know you Hannah. I know you just need someone to listen right now." She's a constant encouragement.

Throughout the years, we all realized that our love for the Lord and life had this similar depth. We found out we enjoyed talking about the same things, had similar desires, and completed each other in a lot of ways. There were also a lot of tears we shared through broken hearts, laughs in the most ridiculous moments, victories in sports, and picking each other up through failures. Embarking on our first year of college as we each were going different directions was hard- really hard. I think we all kind of had a little bit of doubt if we really would be that close throughout the rest of our lives. Our first year of college truly showed us the importance of true friends having your back, and confiding in those who want the best for you. We realized that a friendship like ours was hard to come by, and we were keeping this blessing.

These two are just a part of the many friendships that have impacted my life so powerfully. However, there were a lot of moments prior to their friendship of where I had to go without having a true friend. In those moments, I clung to God so much harder, and found the beauty in having true friends when they were given. I encourage you to choose the friends that will be loyal, even if they are few, over a group of girls that don't want to see you succeed. Loyalty is everything in a friendship, and reveals a lot about character.

A HUUUGGEEEE shoutout to Jordan and Annie for being true friends + going through some crazy times with me. Thanks for also being cute, and doing picnics with me. You're real gems.