christmas things


SO we have a fake tree.

a very green, plastic- feeling, lacking of all good pine smells, fake tree. 

and i'm okay with it.

why? because we got a FREE very green, plastic-feeling, lacking of all good pine smells, fake tree. and sometimes when it's your first married christmas, you are stinkin' thrilled that you didn't have to find the charlie brown tree of the bunch three days before christmas just to get it for a good price. 

so we decked it out with all the holiday things, and decided to hide the fake green color with a secret snow recipe:

flour. seriously you guys, put flour on your tree, it looks more real than flocked trees! this was an idea that came out of desperation when pinterest wasn't helping me. sprinkle some flour from the top of your tree and let it all trinkle down. vacuum it up when you're all done & wallah. 

Before Flour (The green doesn't look quite as fake green here, oh well)

snowy tree :-)

we also hung up lights on our trees and house, which is something both cody & i never got to do as kiddos so you better believe we are lighting this place up!

obviously this was a candid ;)

we also headed over to a christmas tree farm to see prices of REAL trees & decided next year we are definitely chopping down our own tree. doesn't that just seem so much more fun!?

we then finished with a grocery store trip to trader joes, which is also the best grocery store on earth. they have $10 garlands going on right now, so you bet your buttons that we got a real one. our house (sorta) smells like pine right now, so thats all that matters! 

i'm going to be posting more christmas themed content, because it really is the best time of year. 

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december 4th was a grand ol', christmas-filled, jolly day.