College Dorm Room & Decor


One of my favorite parts about this college transition has been decorating for my dorm. To be honest, Grand Canyon has some really spicy dorm set ups in comparison to other Universities. I live in a double occupancy room, which came with a super cool roommate named Sydney that I dig. We get to share a bathroom and a walk in closet. We also have a common area (which is a living room) with a kitchenette (a sink without a stove or oven). We share this common area with our other two, rockin' suitemates. Here are some pictures of my dorm area.



Desk Stuff:

Blanket- Mexico Marketplace

Jewelry Stand-HomeGoods (If you can't tell, I love HomeGoods).

Circular Mirror- Target




This is sweet Sydney studying in our common area. It's not really finished yet, but we have some good pieces coming together in the making.

Plant- Marshalls.

Lights- Target

Striped Throw- Ikea

Yellow Pillow- World Market


If you have any questions about items I didn't mention, dorm set up, or anything, leave a comment and I'll respond! I know dorms can be tricky in what themes to choose, how to know if your stuff is going to look good altogether, etc. I seriously started off my dorm by picking out everything I thought was cute, and figured out that it did not look good together at all. Neutrals with different patterns are always a great go too, and minimalist themes seem to work. Let me know your thoughts!