Comparison within Creativity


This post is a wake-up call. For myself and for others. For if we do not understand fully one of Creator God's biggest attributes, we most certainly won't see it in our identity. There is a problem with our society. We have raised comparison within creativity. Not to be miscommunicated as competition, comparison threatens to steal the uniqueness of each and every individual's characteristic.

We praise the people who always produce the most aesthetically pleasing pictures on Instagram as creative. We think of how creative we can be if we could dress like that person. We feel intimidated by the people who call themselves, "a creative".

I've found that in this modern day concept of pursuing creativity, we have altogether limited it. Giving ourselves titles as "creatives" as if to separate us from who? Non-creatives?

C'mon guys. Track with me.

We need a reminder of what creativity truly is.

The problem lies when we cannot find creativity in the simplistic lives, that may not be aesthetically pleasing on our Instagram feeds. Being creative is not flashing your new apple watch, hydro flask, and starting a photography account on Instagram with thousands of followers to affirm you.

I'm not bashing hydro flask, apple watch wearing, instagram photographers whatsoever. I carry my hydro flask everywhere, have yet to buy an apple-watch, and dig the world of instagram.

I am insisting that there is a misconception of creativity, because of where it is focused.

We focus creativity on the pictures we're taking, the art that we're drawing, the clothes we are wearing, the words that sound the most pleasing.

We must go back to the start of knowing that we are creative not because of our art, but simply because who we are and whose we are.

Being creative is knowing that you are first and foremost a created being.

That you have a Papa God who instilled His uniqueness and image in you.

That you are not creative, but you have an alive Creator's blood and spirit flowing through you- echoing His very likeness. Not on your own account, but because you are simply His.

When we know the creative image installed into us, we echo His creativity. It flows through us. Through simple things like words, pictures, and even clothes. I might even say it's okay to label yourself as "a Creative" in your Instagram bio if you fully know that it is as equal as saying "a human".

Get rid of the comparative, sophisticated air that thinks of creativity as something that is aesthetically pleasing and defined by mere opinion. Replace it with truth that there is creativity in every human being. From the bottom to the top, human's exude creativity with everything they do.

For it is not in what they do that makes them creative; it is simply whose they are.