Deepest Love || Worldview Academy


As a lot of you know, I spent the past two months touring the west coast staffing with a wonderful camp called Worldview Academy. This has also led to my lack of blogging and posting pictures. To take a lot of time away from social media was a good thing, but now it is time to recap and to share the experience that changed, molded, and shaped my life. I am forever changed because of staffing with Worldview. I've struggled with wondering how I am to even start explaining an experience such as this. How does one communicate two months spent in traveling to different states, interacting with different people, loving in the deepest way I ever had? How does one communicate a love that seems unfathomable? Words do not seem to give this experience justice, besides the fact that I experienced a short glimpse of eternity.

The past two months, I interacted with other members of the team that quickly became my brothers and sisters. I was blessed with the opportunity to see their hearts, goals, and hurts as they got to see mine. Faced with daily challenges (emotionally, physically and spiritually), we soon teamed up fighting for the goal of the kingdom. We battled, we ached, we groaned, but we got up daily, persevering with the faith that victory was to be won. We encouraged, prayed, trusted and hoped in the truth knowing that we were working towards a common goal: to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.


We traveled from Oklahoma to Washington, taking on a new camp each week. From Friday afternoon to Saturday night we got to rest, taking in the sights around us, and re-entering into the world. It was interesting to see how hard it was to adjust to the culture the longer we were away from the world doing camp. It's almost as if we had a two month break from the world. I had no idea what the news was, what movies were playing and what was going on. I had entered into a new world. Each weekend was harder to see the culture, especially in bigger cities. All of a sudden I began to recognize the distinct line between sin and godliness, and see it play out in life. My heart began to be so much more burdened for the lost souls that were easier to recognize when I wasn't clouded by thoughts of me and the world. My desires began to lessen and I began to realize that I was dying to self. Despite my stubborn heart and doubts that the Lord could really rid me of myself, He was.

Getting to take a weekend of rest to see places like the Grand Canyon was incredibly refreshing. Not only did we get to serve for a week which became the most fulfilling thing I had ever done, but we got to bask in the beauty of the Lord. We got to reflect on the reason of life, why we do the things we do, and how great our God is. Week after week I was amazed at the stirring the Lord was doing in my heart.

Serving students began to come more fluently. I found that in every lunch conversation and small group setting I was anxious to hear these girls hearts. I found that the inability to not cry that I have battled with often broke, and I began to cry with the girls through their stories. I saw struggles that I went through at their age, and struggles that seemed harder than mine. I saw hearts turn towards the Lord and I saw hearts that were distant. Through it all, I found that the more I was growing in love with the Lord, the more I was growing in love for His people. Instead of wanting praise for being an amazing small group leader, I wanted them to be in awe of what the Lord had done in their life that week. My heart grew heavy when seeing students put Him in a box and rejoiced when I saw them release Him and grasp His mightiness.

I fell in love this summer. In the deepest sort of love I have ever known. I fell in love with my Lord: His sovereignty, His depth, His miracles, His power. He delighted in me, gave me peace, and grabbed me close to His heart. I fell in love with my fellow staffers. Never have I known a camaraderie and love such as this. These people soon became not only my friends, but brothers and sisters. We were each other's home away from home, our safe spots. We had to say the hardest good-bye we ever had, but knew that it was for our purpose. We experienced a love that gave us a glimpse of eternity with each other, but we weren't called to dwell with each other now. We are called to go throughout the world and spread His name, realizing that there is a higher goal than our desires. Like the disciples, we yearn for each other, but we press on knowing that we have the promise of eternity. I fell in love with the girls I had in my small group each week. Each were at different seasons in their knowledge and relationship with the Lord, but they attended camp. They were there to listen, to learn, to love the Lord. They each had unique, different personalities, and each small group came together as a little body of Christ.

I thank the Lord that I have experienced the deepest love I have known yet. May my love for my Lord keep abounding and grow deeper. May your love for Him grow deeper as well. I am excited to write again. There are so many things to be discussed with y'all. Thank you for following along on this journey with me.

Hannah Elaine