salt dough ornaments


I grew up making this recipe & diy ornaments because of the fun of it. this year I grabbed my SUPER artsy friend Jordan- you'll see the difference in our decorations. we decided to make some cute + free party favors for our Christmas party! we didn't realize how long most recipes take, though, so here's a shorter version that worked for us!


time: 30 minutes to bake + 30 minutes to cool

4 cups of all-purpose flour

1 1/2 cups of water

1 cup of salt

-literally that's it-



first, set the oven to 300 degrees. pour the four cups of flour & 1 cup of salt into a bowl and mix it all together. then pour in the 1 1/2 cups of water slowly while still mixing it all together. continue mixing until it has a normal dough consistency.

then roll the dough out until it is about one inch thick, this is really up to you for how thick you want them to be. grab any cookie cutter you want (we just chose circles), and don't forget to poke a hole on top for the ornament string to go through! we grabbed a straw to make it even more of a diy. ;)


now you get to pop your ornaments in the oven for only 30 minutes!!! (most take anywhere from 2 hours - 8) if you feel like they should go for a little longer, you can leave them in there, but just keep an eye on them! we let them cool for about 30 more minutes (ish) & started painting away!

truthfully, ours could've cooled for a little longer, and I don't know if we made it to the thirty minute mark- we were so excited to paint them! these sort of ornaments are really only good for the year, but it's the thought that counts.


we took a hour to paint, and again, the ones that look exceptional are Jordan's! but I equally had as much fun.


we finished by putting a cute string through them, and there ya go! perfect little gift to show someone you're thinking of them.

thanks for reading! if you make some, make sure to send me some pictures of your final product. merry christmas & happy ornament decorating!

han elaine