girls trip 2018


I'm a big disney fan. BIG FAN. I've really only been a handful of times, which honestly helps to keep the child-like excitement at an all time high whenever I do get to go. So when my friends asked if I wanted to take a weekend trip to the happy land of mice, I was all in! (My college budget may not have been, but ya know).


We ended up arriving at 10:30 AM, after sleeping in a bit from a 6 hour road trip. It ended up being the perfect time as we spent the whole day riding some magical rides and spending a ridiculous amount of money on mice-sized food.


I also really encourage you to find the most interesting characters to take your pictures. Pair a 50mm lens on a camera, and you'll see all sorts of people trying to get the best angles. One guy said he was a photographer, was taking all sorts of extreme angles, and made us super excited about the outcome of the pictures. 98% of the pictures all ended up being blurry, and capturing people walking by, which made for lots of laughs.


The next day, we  headed over to the beach to take some quick pictures, and enjoy the last moments of our trip.


I also took some quick snaps of my friend Mckenna and her sweet boyfriend Jackson. Aren't they just the cutest?


All in all, this was just a short little trip filled with big memories. I'm in love with this season of life and I love sharing it with you all!


Hannah Elaine