"Hey, I Wanna Blog"


One of the biggest questions I am always asked usually contains the topic of blogging. Blogging has grown incredibly throughout the years, and has been an incredible outlet of letting your passions live on the internet world. As most of you know, I started my blog (finally) about a year ago, and have loved this journey. I have wrote about so many topics that are near and dear to my heart, shared some big changes in my life, and loved every minute of sharing with you all. Throughout the year, I have been receiving a lot of sweet messages asking how to start a blog, and conveying that they felt God was putting it on their heart to start one. I am so ecstatic to hear this, and see how much more popularity blogging is getting. So here it is! A post that will share all sort of short & fun answers that will give you a little view into the world of blogging.

Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog, because I desperately craved to write. Writing in my journal and for other blogs was great, but I wanted to have a little spot in the internet world where my writings could live. I wanted to share messages I felt the Lord was telling me, share some fun stories, and be as creative as I could. Blogging was one of the best decisions, and I wish everyone had their own little space on the internet to do with as they please.

Did you get any hate for starting a blog?

Honestly, I was terrified to start a blog because of this reason, but I didn't! I got the total opposite response, although I didn't start a blog to see what response I would get. I've actually met a lot of sweet friends through blogging.

What is my first step?

The most asked question I receive about blogging is, "What is my first step?" I love this question. I DIG THIS QUESTION! My answer remains the same for all.

Just go all in.

Pour your heart, your dreams, goals, and passions into it. Tell stories, share pictures of your life or the topic of your blog. Let Jesus use your thoughts, fingers, and ultimately words to type the things He wants to convey. The blogs that are half-efforted won't last long, but the consistent ones are hard to keep up, but very rewarding. I also think paying for a blog is a great incentive to using it, and kind of was my motivation to be consistent as well.

What do you use to host your blog?

I use BlueHost to host my website and I use wordpress.org. However, there are so many great options for who to host your blog, so I also suggest you scan the Pinterest world for more of the technological questions. Pinterest was my holy grail for setting up a blog!

What's the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

Wordpress.com is a free place to have your blog. They host it for you, and you can blog away without paying a cent. However, wordpress.org is to be bought through a hosting site, downloaded, and you can own it and monetize it yourself. It's great for taking blogging to the next level, and I highly recommend it.

How can I make money blogging?

Monetize, monetize, monetize. This can be done a variety of ways through Google Adsense, or linking up your favorite fashion pictures like Reward Style. Affiliate sites are key. Sponsorships can also be incredibly powerful, and that is where you can accumulate some big time money fast.


What is a tip for getting more traffic to my blog?

The biggest tip I learned was to have multiple social media accounts that can all be linked up together. The more traffic you are getting on a variety of social platforms, the more traffic you can get to your blog. People want to hear your words! Also, starting off and writing for other blogs is great for your traffic. It's great to have people pointed to your blog.

How do I know if I'm right for the blogging world?

If you are someone who has a burning passion in your heart that wants to share it, blogging is perfect. It is incredible to have a space to share those passions, those intricate details of your life. My overall advice for blogging is to just go for it. Be willing to learn and grow, and always be ready for your blog to take a change. Pick a theme you want to communicate, and grow in it. I personally don't believe that blogging is exclusive. We all have words, and words are incredibly powerful. We were designed to use them for good.

This was just a short snippet of the blogging world, but I would love to answer any more questions you have! I would like to continue this two part series onto the Instagram world as well.

Let me know your thoughts. Love you all!


Hannah Elaine