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So I feel like I fell off the grid in some ways. All this social media fun first began with the love of a paper and pen, and I've felt a little lost lately with being without the time to cultivate words. I wanted to re-introduce myself, because I feel like somewhere along the line of all of this transition in life, I need to introduce whats going on in my life, and really who I am. I figured if you're new to this corner of my brain, this is a good starting point for you to figure out what's going on. Let's be real, talking about yourself can be a tad bit awkward, but everyone ought to have a space where they're explaining who they are, what they're doing, and how they're growing before people decide to follow along with their journey. So here we go, here is an organized space explaining about little ol' me that will make my (in some ways) type-A  self very, very happy.

Going by "Han": 

My full name is Hannah Elaine (now) King. I just got married, but we will explain that later. I don't remember the first person that called me "Han", but I find that to be the most endearing name I've ever been called. For whatever reason, nicknames are the way I feel loved and give love, in the most simple way. When I started writing, I wanted to go by "Han Elaine", because I felt as if it was my truest name. Does that even make sense?

Writing, Blogging & Instagram :

I have been writing ever since I can remember. As a young one, I always created + designed magazines, and wrote a variety of little fiction books to entertain my family and my five year old self. I don't think there's ever been a time in my life where I haven't had a journal as the idea of a fresh page with a blue ballpoint pen sounds therapeutic in the purest form for me. My journals were a place where my brain could finally function, and every thought was finally formed into something tangible. I needed it, and writing became a safe place in the midst of every season for me. Soon, I started writing on random poem websites, and online magazines under anonymous pen names, for the fear of the people around me hearing my most vulnerable thoughts was way too scary. Hearing affirmation from strangers that couldn't compare my writing to me was healing in a way, and I began to love this little secret world I was forming.

Cue the beginning of Instagram. Instagram finally started becoming a thing, and the idea to start a separate account to post vulnerable things again became tempting. A friend, and I then started Instagram accounts where we built up a following pretty fast. However, this Instagram then was left alone, and the content deleted after a girl from school found out all about it. I kept my writing to myself strictly, and my eyes became my only audience. To be honest, living in fear with that is one of my biggest regrets, but also one of my biggest motivations to what I'm doing now.

After I graduating from high school, I found the need to again write publicly. I then decided to start a blog, and then write on my old Instagram that I had abandoned. I realized there was now a risk that people in my community could find out, but I kept writing away. I had words to share, and I knew they were too important to be stuck in a well of fear. Now, that fear has been conquered as the Lord has given me a lot of freedom from the fear of what people think, especially in the world of social media where we're all expressing ourselves in some fashion. I love this little space on the internet He's used and given me to encourage, and connect with people I never could have without it. He's given me another spot to love on people, and I love the little Instagram platform I have.

What I do:

In entering the adult world, I also get asked a lot of "what I do". My days have quickly been filled with lots of writing, planning, and getting to work with dream brands by creating content for them. I love my days as I get to envision how I want to paint a picture, and produce the character of the brand I see. I've had so many ideas, and so little time, and am now finally at a spot where I can be self-employed, and have time to expand on these ideas. I am also going to school for graphic design + advertising to learn more about digital design, and art in a different way.

My boy:

Now I get to talk about the other half of me. I met my husband, Cody King, my junior year of high school. Cody has always been the one that believes in every dream, and thinks of ways to achieve those dreams. He accomplishes a lot because of his mentality, but is the most humble guy I know. We instantly became best friends when getting to know each other, and always had a dream of teaming up and doing life together at a young age. September 2, 2018 we got married, and as cheesy as it sounds, it really was the most magical day of our lives. We had a train, cotton candy, the cutest donut wall, insane flowers, and pretty bridesmaids twirling in blue dresses to help paint such a beautiful day. Cody works as a fire-fighter, and although we don't get to always see each other every day, I am so proud of who he is, and what a hard worker he is. We love spontaneous adventures, and love laughing together. We really are each others biggest cheerleaders, and I've found that to be one of the best parts of this love we share.

My God:

My greatest passion. I am madly in love with my Creator. I am humbled by how broken we human beings are, but that he still is adamant about chasing us down. The beauty of His creation is for our delight. He gives blessing so we can taste unconditional love. My words, and my being may be flawed, but this heart that He created will always be beating for His. His essence and who He is captivated me as a young girl, so I chose to dedicate my life to Him, and haven't looked back. There have been hard seasons, and parts filled with brokenness, but He is my God, and I love loving Him.

The Purpose:

I'm a very purpose driven person, and so I want an opportunity to explain the purpose of what I do. This blog, this little space in the galaxy of the internet, is here with the mere intention to be an encouragement. My deepest desire is to form words that help bring peace and reliability. Sometimes we feel things so deeply that we lack the words to explain it. The Lord has given me a passion for finding words to describe the deepest parts of ourselves, and I desire to grow in those words and share them as an encouragement that you are not alone. My purpose for creating content and capturing beautiful things is to share the joy this life gives. It is a beautiful blessing to be able to capture moments, and I love being able to share that with my internet pals.

So hi- i'm Han. I am here to be your internet pal, and to encourage you in any way I can. Here is my invite to join me on this journey. I am here to encourage, to be vulnerable, and to write things that help us feel. These days are too much of a blessing to not love on them.

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