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LADIES! If you find yourself wandering around stores for your retail therapy sessions, or spending free time browsing the internet for all your fashion needs...this is the blog post for you.

I've often found that my desire for fashion contradicts my desire to save up money for my future. Whoops.

HOWEVER. I love, love getting myself a good deal. Also, understanding that the clothes we buy are SO OVERPRICED, makes me want to find the best deals. So I decided to include in this post some links to great web-sites where you can get some great fashion for great prices.


(For all the Free People lovers out there)


-If you click the title above, you can be instantly directed to the Free People clearance section of Nordstrom Rack. Originally, Nordstrom Rack can have some pretty great deals, but top a clearance section on it, and you're getting some great pieces for around $15-$30. For an expensive brand like Free People, that is great. I highly recommend constantly checking the "Clearance" section online because it's constantly being updated. Sometimes you can find hidden jewels in the store, and Nordstrom Rack is known for accidentally marking prices down to $0.99 so you may just get lucky.


-This is a killer web-site too for finding some great Free Peep deals as well. There are other name-brand items as well. They primarily will have other sales to add to it, so you can walk away with getting a couple items for under $100. Pretty good.


-Girl, you seriously gotta go to your nearest Marshalls. I have found deals on deals here. Finding an ADORABLE pair of Paige Jeans for $15 and an Anthropologie shirt for $5 was only the beginning to my massive findings. Now this is all dependent on the Marshalls you have as well. Despite what you may think, sometimes the Marshalls in smaller towns have a lot of hidden jewels, because their big-time deals aren't going to be gone the instant they open. I have found a lot of great name-brand items for super cheap in their clearance section as well. If you haven't gotten the common theme yet; go to clearance sections.


-Honestly, this is my hidden secret of success. After the negative connotations eBay often gets, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be an eBay consumer. I have gotten THE best deals of all times on eBay for brand new items that are priced so low. This is the process I usually do: I type in a brand that I would want to purchase from, and then select my preferences to low to highest. You can also switch it up if you want something new with tags as well. I then put it on my watch list, because I almost always buy from auctions. (This gets you the best deals) Ebay does this sweet little thing of notifying you 14 minutes before the auction is over, so you can sit tight and watch your winning bid grab you the item you want. I've been able to get killer stuff for $5 to $20. It's amazing what you can pick up.

Your Local Thrift- Shop

Even though your local one will do, you gotta go to the big cities. Sometimes there are also stores like Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet that have name-brand fashion only that are being re- sold. You can find some real jewels even in a big city Goodwill as well, though. Of course this is dependent on how you feel about wearing second-hand clothing.

These are just some of my hidden tools on grabbing items that are so fashionable without breaking the bank. Your biggest key to success is to always check out the clearance section. Of course, you always deserve to treat yo-self so here are some of my favorite shops that have the cutest clothes. You're welcome.

Warehouse Sales

If you live in a big city, chances are there are a lot of Warehouse Sales going around that you didn't even realize. Brandy Melville has a lot of great ware-house sales around the United States to where you can get items as little as $5 - $15. Free People has some sample sales in New York where you can get items dirt cheap as well. This does require research, but it is a fun little task to go to a warehouse sale and pile up on so many clothes for next to nothing. Check in with your friend google for more information.


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