I haven't written on the blog in what seems like forever because life has been a complete whirlwind. It's been such a calm season, yet such a busy one. Such a preparation season, but one filled with excitement. I am getting married on September 2nd of 2018, and I can't even believe it.

Basically, I wanted to write out a quick little post giving you an update on where I'm at in wedding planning, and what is going on in my life. I am currently working from home as an Instagram Influencer (which is a weird job title, but hey it fits). I am busy working on school, and planning this wedding that is going to be planned in a total of 3 1/2 months! I'm crazy I know. I do have to say that people can be a little dramatic with this wedding planning thing; I planned the majority of the things in this wedding in two weeks. I will be posting help guides later for any of you crazies that want to get married in three months ;)

Cody and I are having the time of our lives when we have time together. He is currently working as a fire-fighter for CALfire which is where they fight all the wildfires in California and have an INSANE amount of overtime, which means I've only seen him for four days this past month. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM. It's a lot harder than you see in pictures, but the times we have together are filled with total goofiness, wedding planning, house renovating, and complete excitement for our future. The CALfire schedule will tone down a lot when we are married. And in comparison to a lot of people's jobs, we are living the dream!

I've also picked out my dress, and I stare at it every day. It is taking everything in me to not try it on every day. I actually cannot believe that we are going to be married so soon, and I am so ready. I truly did know I was going to marry this man when I was sixteen. Financially and in positioning, God has really provided for so much. When we first started talking about getting married (seriously) this past Christmas, we had no jobs, no idea how we were going to financially do this thing, where we were going to live, etc. It has been absolutely amazing to see how God has taken nothing and made it into blessing. He's pretty good at doing that.

Even though I'm a planner, and planning a wedding for 300+ people with a tight budget and three months all while renovating a house can be kind of challenging, I've been striving to set my mind on things that really matter. Weddings are a big deal, but I'm learning how much more important preparing for this marriage is.  I don't want to get so consumed in this season that I forget about the world around us that is filled with hurt, loss, and much need. I'm excited to partner up with my best friend in hopes that we can be broken vessels to be blessings to this world- as cheesy as it sounds.

This engagement season has already softened my heart in ways I really needed it to be softened. I'm really wanting this whole wedding experience to be filled with a time of thankfulness and gratitude. We have been blessed beyond what I ever dreamed, and have such a community supporting us.

September 2nd, I am so ready for you.