Jesus Painted a Picture


Jesus painted a picture of His love in my mind and I have to share. I just had a raw and real phone conversation with my soul sister, Jordan. As I was explaining situations in my life that seem so confusing, with a path that seems so far off from what I thought life would be like, and a future that I cannot at all see, my sister's listening ear was there. She was attentive, and experienced the emotions with me as I told them. She comforted and then she spoke words guided by the Lord's Spirit.

Through her words of comfort, Jesus painted a picture that will always be engraved in my mind. I have to share in hopes that the same picture will be painted in yours as well.

I walk up to the road, seeing paths all around. Paths that look dark, paths that look light; paths of unknown. There's a path in the middle; a path that looks different than others. There's an unknown beauty about it, it's as if it has an automatic and natural pull to it. I have friends and family that I love cheering me on to go down that path. There are some others standing by that want me to run down different paths with them. There is noise all around, voices surrounding, but I feel the pull towards the middle. It's as if there is a silence, and a secret promise that my mind is so curious about. I take the first step on the middle path, hearing the cheers of my loved ones behind me. I turn around and wave, realizing this decision of a journey is one of my own. I realize that I took the first step and had no idea where to plant my next. I'm confused and frightened, I have no idea where this path is going, where my feet will lead me.

But as instantaneously as I take the first step, I feel a touch on my hands. My hands are then enveloped in bigger ones, stronger ones, sure ones. I look up and can't comprehend the glory of His face, but I realize I trust Him. He blocks the direction of the path, He is all I can look at. His glory is farther than thought of, His beauty too much beyond what I can comprehend. He takes over the path, I can't focus on anything but Him. His eyes are fiery, ones that hold much power simultaneously with grace. His feet are elegant, but worn; it is apparent He has made this journey with many travelers before. His posture is royal, a King of all Kings, yet oddly approachable as if He's waiting for more to fall in His presence. I feel ashamed for He is far more than anything I can grasp, yet it's the assurance of His love that captures my heart. I feel the burdens on my back start to leave, not even beginning to fully realize He is the one removing them.

He takes steps towards the path, never breaking His gaze on mine or removing His hands. He goes at my pace, encouraging me to go faster when my legs feel stronger, and slower when my legs are weak. We take stops to admire the views. Sometimes we stop to dance and experience a joy I haven't experienced before. Sometimes we stop to mourn and weep. Sometimes He gives me a little gift, picks a sunflower for me along the side of the road. He's a patient Father, knowing what's best, and pushing me to go a little faster and farther. He lets me borrow His strength when I feel like I can't go on. He's a good story teller, showing me this creation He has made, and telling me of other loved ones He's journey-ed with. He tells me what He thinks of me, there is not a lie that has ever and or ever will flow from His lips.

I notice myself trying to peek past His shoulder or around Him, dying to know what's ahead, doubting His sure hands when I'm consumed in my thoughts. He watches me carefully peering around Him, He sees the turmoil inside me. He gently pulls my chin back and waits patiently until my gaze is recaptured on Him. When my eyes are re-aligned with His, I feel embarrassed and silly. Why would I leave His gaze to be focused on what's ahead? Why not continue to trust He is leading me well when I see the faithfulness He has shown in the past?

Eventually I know we will arrive at the end of the road, when the journey is complete. We will run, side by side into His presence of eternity for true freedom will surely greet us. For now, I will continue to rest in the picture Christ has painted in my mind. A picture of His faithfulness, the immense power of His constant love.

What is this life? Who am I to experience a love as big as this? Who is He to have freely given this? What love is this that He would take me on a journey such as this? Questions are constant in my mind, but my gaze will ever be focused on His. As He is leading me down this path, I am only sure of one thing.

I am His.