Life on the Edge | Sequoia National Park

I love edgy Christ-followers. I love their wild hearts. There's something beautiful about wild spirits who long for adventure and change, rather than comfort. I love how their souls crave more of the Lord, rather than placing Him in a box. I love how they take steps in faith- they are a people living on the edge. They aren't scared of the unknown, but find comfort in being fearless and bold. They know they're identity, and they know who has them. Although I believe there is beauty in all sort of personalities, I do believe that there is a part of us that the Lord desires for us to be edgy. On Monday I went up to the Sequoias with some sweet friends to watch the sunset. We started the climb up to Morro Rock. I've climbed the path to the top of the rock multiple times, and had always been amazed by the sight. (Seriously, it beyond description). When I reached the top, I sat with my back on the railing, facing the gorgeous Creation. When my friends followed, they walked past me, inching dangerously close to the railing. Now I had wandered past the railing a few times, but it was always in my sight. I never had ventured far enough to where I could still easily grasp the thing that kept me safe-kept me in my comfort zone.

I love how God keeps teaching me this same lesson in fear, because it's taking a little bit of repetition for this stubborn heart. He again placed people to encourage me to go farther, to where I might see a more beautiful view. I found with each step farther away from my comfort zone and closer to the unknown, I felt more and more alive. I felt closer to the presence of the Lord when I was able to see the beauty of His creation in a new light. Fear had blinded me of the depth of the beauty He had made.

Eventually, I was able to creep towards the edge of the cliff, one step at a time. As my friends and I sat in different spots of the cliff, we played worship music, sang, and prayed to the Lord individually. We were experiencing a tidbit of Heaven. It was one of the coolest experiences.

Maybe you don't need to climb a rock and sit on the cliff to conquer some fears, but even doing something as simple as that, reinstated the truth I have come to know. Through experiences like this, climbing underneath the waterfalls in Yosemite, the Lord is continuously teaching me to release fear. I've realized that it isn't just the fear of heights that the Lord wants to rid me of, but the fear of the unknown. I'm an ironic one as I love the consequences of choosing to be bold and courageous, but I get scared of the process. I'm terrified of the unknown, but through the process of Him stripping me of my comfort and pushing me towards the unknown, I'm beginning to love it. It makes me fearless. It makes me see the beautiful things I would have missed if I stayed comfortable. It makes me live. It makes me into the person God has called me to be.

Here are some pictures of the short little trip.