Life Update: College Week One


You guys!! It happened!! I moved! I'm ecstatic to share this journey with you all through blogging. I find it so beautiful that there are words that can be said in pockets of time that you can go back and read. I find myself re-reading old journal entries, and I think that the same will happen through blogging throughout the years. It's fun to grow up with you all, and share this journey.

To update y'all quickly on what is really going on, I recently (a week ago) moved to the great, incredibly hot, state of Arizona. Just as you would think California has as many palm trees as it does, Arizona truly does have as many cactus as you would think. The heat has definitely proven its worth as well. Anyways, before heading off to Worldview this past summer, I decided to transfer as a sophomore into a graphic design & advertising major. I am enthralled with it. I do realize I've only taken a weeks worth of classes, but I find the professors to be fascinating. I'm grateful to be going to a Christian university, and I've found that in this moment, this is exactly where the Lord wants me.

I've been super blessed with a great living situation. I have the greatest roommate and two sweet suite mates. I've also been blessed to have some friends that I went to high school with already here which has made the transition easier. There are so many kind-hearted, new faces I have met as well that have been total gifts. That being said, home sickness when first leaving for college is a real thing. Leaving for worldview in the summer has been a great transition, but there are still many days where I would love to sit down in our library and talk to my dad about theology and current events in the world. There are many days I want a hug from my momma, and to talk about all the aspects of life. There are many days I want to hear my brother's choir music and hear about his football practices. The feeling of being known and loved unconditionally is one of the purest joys, and starting all over with finding people to "know" you is draining.

I have been convicted in this season to surrender that emotion of desiring to be known to the Lord. I've been to more church services and chapel sessions in one week than ever before, realizing that the only one that truly "knows" is my Savior. I've been comforted in His presence, and refreshed to continue what He has set me on. It's been a struggle, but I've been surrendering these desires to the Lord, knowing that His promises for me are fulfilling.

Y'all life is such a beautiful, stinkin' journey. I'm amazed at the paths He has led me along to this place where I never imagined. Believe me, I never in a million years would have guessed moving to wasn't on my radar at all. I still don't have a resolution or idea of why I'm here, but I'm beginning to see how beautiful His promises are and that He does have them for my life. The thought that this is a stepping stone on the journey I can look back on one day excites me. I bet you can relate with the awe of wondering where the Lord is taking you!

For any of you recently experiencing change or a big college move as well, please reach out to me. I would love to pray for you and help ya process if you need it. Change in how you live life is a big transition, but a beautiful step in the journey that makes it all that much sweeter. We are a people not meant to stay in our comfort zones. There is more to us and for us.

Hannah Elaine