these silly numbers


we get so focused on the numbers. how much money we are making must determine how successful we are.

how many friends we hold must determine how worth-while we are.

how many years we've experienced must determine the wisdom we must hold.

The world holds numbers. It holds silly accomplishments. It offers us labels of careers as if that is what we are. It offers us scholarships, rewards, temporary little spotlights. Yet it is never enough.

we live in a time where we are motivated by what we do constantly. perhaps one of the biggest persecutions to a Christ-follower is placed by our own fleshy thought that what we do determines our value.

with a God that screams, "you are enough because of MY grace", we shout back, "I can do it by myself anyways!"

Sometimes those messages are so subliminal. They are constant, daily wars. They are waking up and the first thought in the morning is how much farther you have to get ahead, than how far He has brought you.

He weeps for you. He has designed you to be fulfilled in His grace- not in your works. And in your efforts to do more, and be more, you are emptied. An overflowing cup is what you envy, yet a burdened heart is what you receive.

I fail at this time, and time again, my friends. When my work goes unnoticed, my accomplishments unseen, my heart grows tired. I desire for some source of affirmation in the world that my God never designed for me to have. My heart holds a hole for abundance, for it only can be filled by the One who abundantly pours.

A heart that holds eternity- that is what my heart truly seeks. Numbers compare not to this God of magnitude.

For if we want to talk numbers anyhow, let's not forget, our God is the God that chases down the one every. single. time.


Father God, may our hearts seek past the ladder of works we try so hard to climb. In our efforts to climb such a ladder, may we be reminded of the open door filled with grace that is right beyond our efforts. Let our minds find peace in the midst of anxiety. Let us rest in the God that chases down the one.