To Every Human Being:


Cover your world with the lies of the Enemy,

and surely you will find comfort.

You will find instant pleasure,

you will find release of relaxation,

you will find words of comfort,

and promises of companionship.

Forget the words you've heard of this eternity;

listen to the philosophers, the theologians and all the intellects that scream different opinions.

Soak up the confusion and stop caring about finding truth.

Convince yourself it can't be true,

pretend that all answers can only be found within yourself.

Forget the moments of deep sadness beyond words.

Forget the moments of gasping for depth as if the shallowness is robbing your breath.

Forget the moments of confusion when your heart was perceived wrongly, and you wondered if you could ever be purely understood.

Train your mind to the things of this world, and surely you will find acceptance.

But child of the Most High, know this.

You were never meant for it.

You were never meant for the fleeting moments of temporary pleasures,

ones that always promise more than they deliver.

You were never meant for a world guaranteeing a quick fix to rob you of your time of healing.

The deep wounds you experience were never meant to be covered up. We all know band-aids never heal- they only cover.

You were meant to be fully loved by the One who made every intricate detail of your beautiful self.

Delighted by the God who calls you Child.

You were meant to be fully uncovered and fully known. To rest in the assurance that the Great Healer starts from the beginning.

He doesn't just heal the wounds- He heals the scars too.

You were meant for more,

and one day you will surely know.

When you hear His name and your soul fills with longing rather than dread.

When you hear His name and you remember,

as if a dream long ago,

that it was He who first called you His.