We are NOT Victims


In a world with a romantic view of victimization, it is hard to initiate a controversial post such as this. However, I believe it is a post that needs to be heard. I have been a victim of bullying. Of untrue words being thrown around to tarnish my name, of hurtful words pinpointed at insecurity. I now know who I am in Christ, and live in joy despite circumstances. I am free of the bondage of who others say I am. I am NOT a victim.

My best friend had a father that ran away. She does not at all know him, and has had to grow up fatherless. Statistics say that she is to be indebted to a life full of compromise with boys and low self-esteem due to her "daddy issues". She is waiting for God to bring the right man into her life in His timing, and prays for him. She is NOT a victim.

My cousin has down-syndrome. Doctors questioned whether she was wanted by her parents before birth, validating her worth based on something that was different than most. Today, she is the sweetest girl I know without any health issues. She is NOT a victim.

A friend of mine experienced rape at an insanely young age. She has chosen to trust God through the consequences of another person's sin that has affected her. She is NOT a victim.

There are a variety of stories I could share, filled with the intention of hopelessness and despair. These stories have broken hearts, prevented beauty in areas, and have hurt- a lot. But they have not won.

All of these have a common similarity, they are NOT bound to be victims. These women have stood up to listen to truth when everything around them tells them they shouldn't. What the devil intended in order to destroy these girls, God created a final phrase to overthrow anything the devil had for them. "My daughters, are NOT victims. They are warriors- girls that are in My will that will be victorious. They were not meant for a life of victimization, but of victory in Me."

This in no way is excusing the terrible things done to these women. However, I have seen strength rise from these ashes. I have seen the Lord move in each of these lives in powerful ways. They are women that are unstoppable- the harm the devil has threatened with them will NOT rob them of the victory they will receive in Christ.

He has come to kill, steal, and destroy. He may have done those things, but he will not win. In fact, the harmful things he has done has only pushed these women closer to the Lord. Jokes on you, devil.

Realize that you are not a victim. You are so much MORE than the pain OTHERS have placed upon you. Anyone that correlates who you are with the pain you have experienced, is not someone who truly loves. When the world tells you that it's "okay" and tolerated to do the things statistics say you will because you are a victim, prove them wrong. Prove that you are more than a statistic- that you are completely victorious in Christ and through Christ.

"You (the devil) intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." -Genesis 50:20

Not only is the hurt that others have plagued upon you allows you to be victorious in Christ, but it proves to be a testimony to others- one that can save lives. Through this, you have a new role. You are called to be a living testimony to those who have experienced the pain you have, and to help them. It can literally help save lives. You now have a responsibility to maintain, because though this has happened to you- you can be a tool in preventing it or helping someone deal with it for others.

Through this pain, you are called and chosen. Victimization is not your call-victory is.We are NOT victims.

Hannah Elaine