WEEK ONE: Oklahoma


I got to apologize for writing this post two weeks late. Life staffing at camp has been constantly busy, but the good type of busy. From 7 AM to 12 AM my daily schedule has been filled with some of the most beautiful memories I will own, and also the most trying times to this point. My emotional flesh has been learning to die to something so much higher than I.

After a week of staff training, we jumped right into our first week of camp at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. The magnitude of the job I am setting to do seemed to pile up Sunday night as I met my first small group, and realized how unequipped I am. Thoughts of failure and doubt seemed to come, but the Lord was constantly stirring in my heart how dependent I needed to be on Him to lead well.

The feeling of inadequate is familiar in a setting such as this where the importance of what we do is much, the expectation is high, and the goal is kingdom glorifying. Where there is much responsibility, much is required. The magnitude of the job I have for these two months began to set on my heart as well as fear. What if I am to say something wrong? What if a girl in my small group asks me a question I don't know? What if I am to fail?

Oh how often the grace of the Lord meets me in my faults. He is continuously affirming His goodness in my life, despite my doubts. His plans are not in vain or dependent on my failures- my God is so much bigger than that.

The weekend before, my team and I also got to visit the cute Oklahoma Aquarium. I thoroughly enjoy places such as aquariums and museums, so this was a big deal for me.

We also had a fun donut competition on national donut day. Ours turned out super cute, with some...debatable flavors inside. (We inserted grape jam-not the best choice).

Overall, the girls in my small group my first week were a bundle of joy + fun. I learned the importance in just having fun, even if that means playing water gun freeze tag in the middle of the night, and making silly chants that only make us crack up laughing. As much as I love heart-to-hearts and depth, sometimes the fun, silly moments really make living well.