Who I Am


Any other blog that has the intention to thrive, and any other blogger who desires their words to touch hearts and souls has a common theme for their beginning. They introduce themselves. They grab the reader’s attention and relate the best way they can. They tell their crazy stories of who they are. They make you laugh, cry, and desire to know more about them. Because amongst all the people we look up to, and aspire to be, we look for relatively amidst of us all. My story isn’t one to compel, or to pull on the strings of your heart. However, that isn’t my goal. You see, my identity isn’t one that is wrapped up in my story, my past pains, or greatest victories. Beauty and growth into who I am have all come from those, I know that, but who I am is the soul inside of me that leaps when I see people raising their hands in surrender to their Lord, and the soul that has butterflies at the thought of a new adventure. I am the daughter of the most High King; the Maker of the Heavens and the earth. I am broken a lot of the times, distressed because I cannot see my Savior, and altogether sinful. I am also complete in the presence of the Lord, joyful because I know my identity in Him, and altogether made new and whole.

I could write the rest of this post about how much I adore doing crazy, unique things and how my retail therapy sessions are a must, but I want to go a little bit deeper. I want to tell you a lot about myself. You see, I made this blog with the intentions of becoming vulnerable to anyone who reads my words. No pretense, all 100% me. I have had the same longing and a desire my whole life, starting from the time I was five and made my first magazine and book for my family. I want to express words that tug on the hearts and souls of people. I want to relate, I want to help bring peace, and I want to so desperately love. I see a lot of weakness going on in this world right now; we truly are going through some hard times. I am one to easily get fired up about “how wrong that person is”, or “how our country can be doing this and that”, but ultimately we need a reminder of love and what it truly is. We need peace. We need to laugh. We need to wander and adventure. We need joy. And we so desperately need truth.

I really hope that you stick around this blog, as I get to pour out a lot of my heart and soul. You’ll get to know me really deeply, even through a computer screen. We’ll talk about everything- from clothes and fashion, which has become an obsession, travels, deep desires, real struggles, relationships, Jesus, life, and truth. I want this blog and every post to be centered around truth-rather than emotions. This does not mean that I won’t express my deepest emotions, because believe me, there are many. This means that in every post, the end will always have a constant theme that will reign: truth.

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Han Elaine