wilderness |


i think wandering in the wilderness is thoroughly intentional. there is the most beauty found in the quietness of the wilderness.

the beauty of watching the dust be the only movement,

the beauty of pressing on,

the beauty of lifting arms in surrender when your thirst cannot seem to be quenched.

the beauty of desiring salvation;

only in the wilderness does it come.


I'm beginning to realize that He brings us to the moments of the wilderness so that we can be at the greatest state of surrender. Surrender brings us to the state of realization. Only with our knees buried in the sand, with dust swirling around every thought, does the dire need of being saved come. Where the endless moments of wondering when help will come brings us to an exhaustion that only can be answered by a Savior. The state that our being needs saving brings us to the surrender that it is Him we need.

We know that without help, we would cease. We know that we are born with the inherent need to be filled. We know that our thirst cannot be quenched unless by the real thing.

Jesus, oh sweet Jesus, how we desire to abide in the wilderness where truth reigns.

No pretense is held there; absolute transparency of our failing flesh comes to light- yet it is in that our spirit soars.

How can I not write of your goodness? How can I not write the real things you introduce to my heart daily?

Perhaps I can pretend to have a successful career, the best marriage, a never failing faith for my God? I can keep praises short, focus my thoughts on things other than you- but oh how can I?

For Your wilderness is one where there is a well. A well that looks far in the distance, but with a hand of aid that appears on my shoulder. It wipes the sweat from my brow, removes the hair dangling in front of my eyes, and gently pulls on my shoulder to stand.

"Your place is not to stay in the wilderness. I bring you to the wilderness so that you may taste and see life. That you may know the One who gives, and takes away. That You may know there is more to your comfortable life that you crave so badly. Get up, and walk with me."

So you place your hand in mine, and take me to the well. You walk each step with mine, for wandering in the wilderness can never be done alone. You help me reach the well. You offer me living water as you did for your Samaritan woman.

In the wilderness, I dance, and I sing. For in the wilderness, I come wonderfully alive in the presence of my Maker.

Abba, grant those that seek you the desire to enter the wilderness. May we run hand in hand knowing that in the wilderness, it is You we seek. Strip us of our comfort zones; create a revival in our hearts. Oh sweet Jesus, bring us to the wilderness.