You are Called to be Vulnerable


I saw it in her face. Her cautious eyes wandering around the room, wondering who would hear her words if she decided to voice them. I could envision her mind rolling around about the dangerous outcome that could happen if her trust was misplaced. Her mouth was so close to open, so ready to speak. Internal torment was crying to be let out, to be listened to, to be understood. And then finally, with silence and an awaiting heart to be free, a tear slipped down her cheek. The tear was a sign of release, the sign that vulnerability was asked of and vulnerability was what she was to deliver. Over the course of this summer, I had multitudes of conversations with girls who were battling fights that they were sure they were losing. They were trapped in their minds, thinking and processing constantly alone, because they could not find a safe place and a safe refuge for them to release their vulnerability. If I was to bet, I would bet that more than half of you reading this post right now struggle with being vulnerable. Most of you are battling in wars that are demanding, strenuous, and so incredibly lonely. There are days where you find encouragement through the Lord, and there are many days where you feel like you are suffocating.

Can I take a second to encourage you that it is okay to be vulnerable? It is okay to release how you are truly doing. It is okay to explain the depths of your heart. It is okay to admit that you do not have it all together. It is okay. Be done with the shallowness the world demands you to have. Be authentic. Be real. Be vulnerable. Sometimes one person's initial step of demanding vulnerability or expressing it allows a depth that never would have started without. Courage is what vulnerability needs; and courage the Lord shall give you. As a follower of Christ, you are meant for more- you are meant to be vulnerable.

This being said, be careful dear one of whom you are vulnerable with. There are many who are sick of heart and would take delight in misusing your trust. Be careful- your words, thoughts, and battles mean much. You mean much. Be careful who you entrust your heart with; use the wisdom and discernment the Lord has given you. Recognize the people who truly care for you, those ready to listen and slow to speak. Once you acknowledge who those people are, be vulnerable. Walk in that freedom; shake off those chains of being captive in your own mind, and recognize that battles are not meant to be fought alone.

Be a safe refuge for those in need. There are so many souls existing in this world that just need a listening ear. The majority of time when I have demanded vulnerability, I have recognized that a listening ear than a fast speaking tongue is what they are in need of. My mind is quick to think of a solution for that person, to help them fix it because I think I have the right answer. Realize that the Lord is in their battle, advocating for His child, and that you are just a tool of encouragement to help pick that sister/brother up. You are called to be a safe place for His children. You are called to demand vulnerability from others for the sake of Christ. Cherish those that trust you realizing what a beautiful gift you have been given.

I realize that this is a hard subject, and that every single pair of eyes reading these words right now have had a heart that has been broken at some point from broken trust. Betrayal cuts deep and limits you from seeking more of what the Lord has for you.

The Lord has freedom for you.

The Lord has refuge for you.

The Lord has people for you.

The Lord has vulnerability for you.

You are not alone. You can fight this battle with the Lord's help, but I beckon you to not enter the battle without the aid of His soldiers.

I realize that there are many that are seeking for a safe place among His children, and are crying out for a source to whom they can be vulnerable with. Continue to seek the Lord, to pray, to be a safe spot for others. I also would like to extend my ears and heart as well to anyone who may be in need. I would love to read your words, you are free to contact me at anytime.

For you, dear reader, I am praying for. You are not in this battle alone. You are free to be vulnerable.

Hannah Elaine