Han Elaine Presets

Han Elaine Presets



The Han Elaine Preset pack contains the four presets I have used to edit all previous images you see on my Instagram, blog, youtube, etc. They add a very light and vibrant theme to the photos, and can be easily adjusted to work with different sorts of lighting. I have been used these presets on all of my photos of 2018, and have had such a good feedback on them, that I’m excited to share them with you!! Please use #hanelainepresets when you use them so I can see all the cutie pie pictures you have!

Presets include:

-Tutorial & Tip Guide

-HanElaineLight preset

-HanElaineVibrant preset

-HanElaineColor preset

-HanElainePink preset

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Note: These presets are intended for use in Lightroom Classic CC on a computer and are compatible with both Jpeg and RAW files (for best results-shoot in RAW).

All sales are final. Unauthorized distribution of Han Elaine Presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

Instructions: Once purchased, you will be able to download the file folder that includes all of the presets + the tips guide.

Installation: Once downloaded, find the .zip folder titled HAN ELAINE PRESETS. (This should be in your Downloads). Double click the .zip folder and a new folder (HAN ELAINE PRESETS) will appear. Open that folder (which contains the four presets (.lrtemplate) + a preset guide (pdf)). Double click on each preset individually and click “Install”. Then open up Lightroom and the presets will be there under your Develop Tab along with any other presets you have previously installed. You may need to restart your Lightroom if you do not see the presets there the first time.