Written Magazine | 1

Written Magazine | 1


Written Magazine is a digital magazine intended to bring a little bit of life straight to your mobile device! With home tips, advice for your health + well-being, words scripted to share faith, and carefully curated photos, Written is 30 pages of shared insight. It’s light, warm, and earthy- all the things to make your day feel a little brighter. Written’s first issue surrounds around the word “purpose”. To bring purpose in your steps, and encouragement towards the Rock that is higher than ourselves. Written can be purchased on any device, and for any device.

Written Magazine Issue 1 includes:

  • Tips for how to re-define purpose in your life.

  • Inspiration to create.

  • Fresh Lavender Water DIY

  • Passion Project Ideas

  • Article on Vulnerability

  • Starter Plant Ideas

  • Article on healthy morning habits

  • Instagram Engagement Tips

  • “Surrendering Singleness” Article

  • “Ask B” question column

    Plus some other great articles, pictures, and more all in 30 pages!

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